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SteelShips LLC ("SteelShips") is an international provider of marine drybulk transportation services, transporting bulk cargoes, such as scrap, coal, grain, iron ore, petcoke, cement, clinker and urea. Our business strategy is focused on building and maintaining enduring relationships with charterers of drybulk commodities and providing safe and reliable seaborne transportation services at competitive cost.
We take pride in the close relationships that we enjoy with many significant cargo interests and traders in our industry, which include, among others, Glencore Grain B.V., Sims Group Global Trade Corporation, Transgrain Shipping B.V., & Richstone. Our close ties with such esteemed companies are a major contributor to our ability to meet full fleet- utilization, especially during the troughs of a cyclical industry, such as dry bulk shipping. These close relationships also serve to provide the comfort of smooth sailings, whereby disputes, claims and other interruptions are limited or non-existent. This provides us with a competitive advantage, to our competitors, which enables us to outperform the respective indices for our vessels.Awards